Monday, November 23, 2020

The election was stolen

That is the conclusion of 61% of Republicans, and even 39% of Democrats are not sure. Reuters interviewed 50 people in various states who voted for Trump. All 50 believe that Trump legitimately won, but the election was rigged.

Our basic election law says:

The electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed, in each State, on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November, in every fourth year succeeding every election of a President and Vice President.
There is general agreement that Pres. Trump won a majority of the votes cast on election day, and he led in the counts that were reported that evening.

But they they stopped the count in the swing states, and then somehow found millions of suspicious Biden votes.

The official explanation is that the rules had to be changed because of COVID-19, and votes collected on days other than the election day specified by federal law. But this is obviously a hoax, as there are no reports of anyone being infected at a polling place. Tens of millions of people voted in person, without any problem.

Everything about this election was suspicious. Millions of people obviously enthusiastically support Donald Trump, and appreciate his outstanding record as President. I cannot find one single person who thinks that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are competent for the job. They both did poorly in the primaries, until one day the lizard people announced that Biden was the only one who can defeat Sanders and then Trump. Then everyone endorsed Biden and his rivals dropped out of the race. The lizard people then told Biden that his best chance was to hide out in his basement, and let them run his campaign.

And so it went. The strongest endorsements for Biden would just say that he listens to experts, and is not Trump. In other words, he is controlled by the lizard people, and Trump is not. Some leftists liked his extreme leftist policy positions on his web site, while some centrists were reassured that he has no history of such extreme positions and is probably too senile to understand them.

So now we are supposed to accept Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada blatantly violating election laws, a 78-year-old senile puppet as President, and a VP who does not even meet the constitutional requirement of being a natural born citizen.

Nope. Those states should run a clean and legitimate election, or forfeit their electoral votes.

There were reports that in 1960, Chicago held up its vote count until it saw how many votes were needed by JFK. Here we are in 2020, and Detroit, Atlanta, and a couple of other cities did the same thing. Those cities should not get any votes, if they cannot report them on election day like everyone else.

It appears that the lizard people are going to get away with this, and install Biden in the White House. Then they will treat the Trump administration like China treats the Tiananmen Square protests. They will institutionalize restrictions so that no one will even be able to talk about doing anything like that again.

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