Monday, November 16, 2020

Democrats undermine democracy

The Wash. Post reports:
It’s the latest sign of the party’s lurch away from democratic ideals and practices, a shift that predates Trump but one that has accelerated precipitously since. Now, according to data released by an international team of political scientists just before the Nov. 3 election, it’s possible to quantify the extent to which the Republican Party no longer adheres to such principles as the commitment to free and fair elections with multiple parties, the respectful treatment of political opponents and the avoidance of violent rhetoric.

“The Republican Party in the U.S. has retreated from upholding democratic norms in recent years,” said Anna Lührmann, a political scientist at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and a former member of the German parliament. “Its rhetoric is closer to authoritarian parties, such as AKP in Turkey and Fidesz in Hungary.”

The article goes on to say that the researchers found that Republicans have started to demonize their political opponents in the last ten years, but Democrats never do that.

This is almost too stupid for comment. The vast majority of all political demonization in the last five years in the mainstream media has been attacks on Donald Trump.

Even today, Trump is the one who is insisting on statutory counts and certified results. The press is attacking for not accepting unofficial news media projections. Hillary Clinton and many other prominent Democrats are still complaining that the 2000 and 2016 elections were stolen.

Meanwhile, it appears that Trump's last great accomplishment will have been to bring to market millions of doses of an amazingly effective COVID-19 vaccine.

But maybe not, if we don't get the vaccine before Jan. 20. Joe Biden has appointed Jewish medical ethicist Ezekiel J. Emanuel to be one of his COVID-19 advisors, and that is the guy who just published an essay in a prestigious science journal saying that Third World countries should get American vaccines before Americans.

Prioritizing the disadvantaged is a fundamental value in ethics and global health. ... Are the worst-off countries those experiencing the greatest poverty? Those where people have the lowest life expectancies? ...

Distributing different quantities of vaccine to different countries is not discriminatory if it effectively benefits people while prioritizing the disadvantaged.

The main concern of these ethicists is to concoct schemes for discriminating against White Americans while devising rationales for saying that it is "not discriminatory". Jewish medical ethics are very strange.

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