Sunday, November 22, 2020

Left claims White people have no culture

This essay seems ridiculous, but I have seen versions of these ideas in many places.

Woke essay:

“White people have no culture.”

This is partially true. It is also untrue. This statement is a form of denial, and also a source of grief.

White people do have culture. Our culture is that of colonization. Of genocide. Of taking. Of envy and of fear. The majority of white people can name no more than two generations back in their families. The majority of white people barely know where their grandparents were from, much less who their ancestors were. The majority of white people have no traditions, and the ones we have, are rooted in consumption and the superficial application of organized religion, both of which are steeped in histories of violence. Christmas is about a severed tree ...

The closest thing white people have to culture is our disturbingly fanatical obsession with sports, which we use to justify things like property destruction, vitriolic hatred for people we don’t know, and even accidental deaths. ...

Which brings me to my main point: The culture of white people is the culture of death. It is a culture of endless war, desensitization to human suffering, and the upholding of a brutal individualism fueled by greed. It is a deep, dark hole of grief and of loss. We don’t even know what we lost. We don’t know our ancestors. We don’t have stories of creation and hope and family; only stories of destruction and genocide.

This is so silly that it seems like a joke.

Yes, Whites invented sports. The whole concept of organized athletic competition, played under a written rule book, appears to have originated entirely with Whites, and copied by non-whites all over the world.

This is just a trivial part of White culture. The world has copied many other aspects of White culture, including science, law, literature, music, entertainment, and religion. White culture is so universally regarded as great that people don't even think about it.

The essay does have a point that Whites do not have the sort of tribal identifications that are so common in the rest of the world. This underlies White Fragility, where Whites are often baffled as to why anyone would call them racist. Whites are the least racist people in the world. Most other people have a much stronger attachment to the people of their ancestry, and much greater hostility towards foreign tribes.

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