Monday, November 09, 2020

RIP Alex Trebek

The Wash. Post has this obituary:
In a realm of the unknown that is far too cosmic to ever make the cut as a "Jeopardy!" category, we have to stop and marvel at the universe's decision to claim the legendary and resilient 80-year-old game show host Alex Trebek on Sunday morning, just as American voters had elected a new president whose defining attribute is an abiding faith in the intelligence and competence of the people.
Am I going to have to read this junk for the next four years?

Joe Biden is easily the least intelligent and least competent President of my lifetime. He did poorly in school, and has a long history of saying stupid things. And that was even before he went senile.

Nor does he respect the intelligence of others. One of his main campaign promises was to order a national face mask mandate, as if people do not have the sense to make prudent decision for themselves. But now the NY Times reports:

While Mr. Biden would like to see a national mask mandate, his advisers have concluded that he does not have the legal authority to impose one.
Oops. Despite being in DC politics all his life, he will have to get some tutorials on the power of the Presidency.
Trebek maintained a safe space for smart viewers in the darkest, dumbest times.
Is this another reference to Trump?

I am looking forward to how the Left explains away Biden's incompetence. Already he has appointed some crazy Black woman to co-chair a COVID-19 task force, instead of someone with expertise in COVID-19 or epidemiology. Trump never appointed anyone this incompetent to anything.

Before the election, the experts told us that Trump's only support was from Whites without college education. Now that turns out to be false. According to exit polls, he did better than any Republican in many years with non-white voters, and he got a majority of the college-educated Whites.

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