Saturday, November 07, 2020

A Princeton professor voted for Trump

I previously mentioned Princeton professor Sergiu Klainerman, and now I see he voted for Trump:
As a former refugee from totalitarian, communist Romania, I feel a moral obligation to speak out and prove that academics don't need to think and act in lockstep. ...

But I have learned to distinguish between what Trump says and what he does. ...

And what are, after all, the most awful things Trump has done during his presidency? The typical accusations are that he is (1) a liar, (2) a racist white supremacist, (3) incompetent, (4) authoritarian and (5) divisive. Let's break these accusations down, in order.

He clearly and persuasively disposes of these arguments.

The striking thing here is that the arguments against Trump from our academic elites consist of little more than silly name-calling, and are easily refuted. But why is this guy the only elite professor to address these issues head-on?

I guess it is his background, as he says. Also he is in a department that values truth. I am afraid that our American-born professors are either brain-washed, or too timid to speak up against the stupidities of their colleagues.

Maybe Trump did not win, but he got about 70 million votes.

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