Saturday, July 04, 2020

The Evil of the Trolley Problem

More and more, it appears that mainstream media is encouraging a movement to kill Whites. From NPR Radio news:
A type of discrimination is overlooked because it's rooted, not in hate, but in love. Our Hidden Brain team asks why good deeds, those we do for spouses or neighbors, can sometimes lead to injustice. ...

SHANKAR VEDANTAM: Thought experiments in philosophy usually don't go viral, but there's one that has.

JOSHUA GREENE: The trolley problem has become a kind of meme.

VEDANTAM: This is Joshua Greene.

GREENE: I'm a professor in the psychology department at Harvard University. And I study moral decision-making and high-level cognition. ...

In this version of the thought experiment, five strangers will be saved if you sacrifice someone you know and love, maybe even your own child. ...

DYLAN MATTHEWS: I would kill the kid. Yeah. I wouldn't even question it. Like, it's five against one. I would probably kill myself after out of grief. And so it would be five against two. But, yeah, those people are all the heroes of their own stories. And they all have loved ones who love them as much as I love the kid. And it seems obscene to me to treat my attachment as paramount above their attachments and their lives.
That's right, they are promoting you killing your own child in order to save five strangers.

This sort of thinking could lead to killing the St. Louis McCloskeys in order to promote the BLM movement.

This is madness. We are headed for Civil War, unless people wise up.

Anyone who would values the lives of strangers over his own child is suffering a severe mental illness. Sometimes it is called pathological altruism. Matthews says that he gave a kidney to a stranger. This is not noble in any way. it is sick.

A lot of people are now saying that we should care about Hong Kong Chinese losing the right to riot. Why should anyone in the West care about a privileged Chinese elite having a right to riot?

We have riots in the USA, and they are not improving the lives of anyone. Not Whites, and not Blacks. They threaten, they intimidate, they destroy, and they loot. No, this is not freedom.

We have less free speech. Fewer jobs. A wrecked economy.

Everybody understands that this is all destructive. I don't think anyone really believes the BLM nonsense. No one can even come up with any examples of Blacks being mistreated.

My theory is that leftist crazies have seized upon the opportunity for gaining power. Establishment Democrats, Jews, and rich people are going along with it because they think that Pres. Trump's reelection chances have been destroyed. Republicans have been intimidated, and are cowards. No one is willing to do what needs to be done, or even to say what needs to be said.

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