Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism

Ron Unz has a new essay on The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism. It is also posted on AmRen.

It is funny that the two sites with the biggest reputations for White nationalism publish an article with such scathing criticism of it.

Unz may be right that there is little or no political support for White nationalism. But that is not the choice we face today. If Joe Biden is elected, then we will have open borders, massive replacement of Americans by foreigners, defunding the police, race riots, slavery reparations, Bernie socialism, and the end of free speech.

The only way we would ever have any white nationalism is if the non-whites start a civil war.

There are whites in Portland and other cities who seem to be trying to start a civil war, but they are doing in the name of non-whites, and with the purpose of subjugating Whites.

The NY Times has a glowing interview of a couple of rich Jewish leftists who use their influence to try to punish White non-Jews. They look White, but they identify as non-white and anti-Christian. I prefer other brands of ice cream anyway.

Is there any limit to what women will bitch about? The Daily Mail reports:
Women across the country are reporting a rise in 'aggressive eye contact' since the introduction of face coverings in some public places.

New laws introduced over the weekend force customers to wear face masks in all shops, stations, banks and post offices, while it is also mandatory to wear coverings on public transport.

But many women have been sharing stories online of 'aggressive eye contact' and 'hard staring' from men wearing masks, with one tweeting: 'Grown men staring at you with a mask on is worse than when they don't have a mask.'

UN Women UK Executive Director Claire Barnett told FEMAIL: 'As we work to "build back better" following lockdown, we need to prevent the lack of witnesses of antisocial behaviour due to less populated public spaces, as well as the anonymity face coverings can provide, leading to further rises in harassment and threatening actions towards women, girls and minoritised groups.

'This will require widespread changes in attitudes and behaviour - creating an understanding that behaviour like unwanted and persistent staring is intimidating, and that we all have a role to play in making our public spaces more inclusive.'
When men do not stare at them, they complain that they are being ignored. Either way, they demand that men change their behavior.

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