Sunday, July 05, 2020

Knighthood medal is racist

The London Daily Mail reports:
The Cabinet Office has said recipients of the Queen's 'racist' knighthood honour can exchange the award for an updated design after after a petition was launched claiming its insignia is 'racist' and 'looks similar to George Floyd's killing'.

The insignia for the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George - one of the Queen's highest honours - once featured a picture of a white angel standing on the neck of a black man.

The image, which was changed in 2011 to feature a light-skinned devil, is actually a depiction of the Archangel Michael defeating Satan. ...

An image on the badge shows St Michael trampling on a prostrate Satan, but campaigners say it looks like the recent killing of Mr Floyd.
George Floyd lived a life of crime, and died of a heart attack over overdosing on fentanyl in Minnesota. And somehow people in England think that relating an award symbolically showing defeat of the devil?!

The madness has spread worldwide.

It used to be that one could celebrate White culture with country music and NASCAR. Not any more. Everyone is trying to exterminate White culture now.

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