Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Watergate prosecutor brags of a coup

NY Times op-ed:
In 1973, I served as an assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, which investigated the connection between the White House and the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, the subsequent cover-up and other crimes connected with the White House under Richard Nixon. ...

We did not answer to the attorney general. We were not restricted from investigating or prosecuting Nixon, nor were we governed by any internal Justice Department rule that prohibited prosecuting a sitting president.
They led an unconstitutional coup.
From the start, Mr. Mueller was restrained by Justice Department regulations.
Yes, of course. That's the difference between a lawful process and a coup.

Congress was still free to bring any impeachment charges they wanted, and that is what the House did.
Upon completion of our investigation, we issued a report without anyone in the executive branch spinning its results.
Yes, they successfully ousted Nixon because he did not put up much of a fight.

I am not sure they did release their report. I see an Oct. 2018 news story saying Government finally releases Watergate report used against Nixon. So it was release 45 years later.

These articles just convince me that Pres. Nixon was innocent of any serious crimes. To oust him, they had to have a secret temp of Democrat DoJ lawyers who were out to get Nixon, and were allowed to act without any management oversight or regulation. The President's lawyer did not defend against the report, but instead cooperated in a plea agreement for his own crimes.

The column ends up saying that Trump commuting Roger Stone's sentence was worse that Nixon's Watergate crimes, and that we need a new special prosecutor law even tho such laws don't work.

This is pretty crazy. Stone was thought to be important because the Muller team hoped that he would be the link from the Trump campaign to Russian spies. But it turned out that the campaign asked Stone what he knew about the Russians, and Stone didn't know anything!

The DoJ caught Stone on a few exaggerations or misstatements, but they did not impede anyone's investigation. There is still a mystery about how WikiLeaks got the DNC emails, but Stone had no knowledge about it.

The DoJ lawyers recommended that Stone get up to 9 years in prison, and everyone now agrees that was excessive, including the judge. The judge said that the Trump administration was right to reduce sentence.

If there were really justice, then Stone would get his conviction reversed on appeal. Because the judge insisted on prison while the appeal is pending, Stone may not be able to appeal.

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