Wednesday, July 01, 2020

The future is Black

The NY Times announces:
Based on those discussions, we’ve decided to adopt the change and start using uppercase “Black” to describe people and cultures of African origin, both in the United States and elsewhere. ...

We recently decided to capitalize “Native” and “Indigenous,” while other ethnic terms like “Asian-American” and “Latino” have always been capitalized.

We will retain lowercase treatment for “white.” While there is an obvious question of parallelism, there has been no comparable movement toward widespread adoption of a new style for “white,” and there is less of a sense that “white” describes a shared culture and history. Moreover, hate groups and white supremacists have long favored the uppercase style, which in itself is reason to avoid it.
It is true that most Whites are not race-conscious at all. Whites are the least racist of all the races.

It is primarily the White-haters who draw attention to Whites as a distinctive race. They are the ones who are always talking about White privilege, White supremacy, and other anti-White terms.

This change just puts a clearer focus on the NY Times anti-White bias.

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