Sunday, August 27, 2023

Missourt Rejects Gender Changing Ideology

CBS News reports:
A Missouri judge ruled Friday that a ban on gender-affirming health care for minors can take effect on Monday, as scheduled.

The ruling by St. Louis Circuit Judge Steven Ohmer means that beginning next week, health care providers are prohibited from providing gender-affirming surgeries to children. Minors who began puberty blockers or hormones before Monday will be allowed to continue on those medications, but other minors won't have access to those drugs.

Here is the ACLU lawsuit. The complaint is a pretty good summary of the pro-trans science/medical position. Glad to see someone saw thru it. It is misleading and nonsensical from beginning to end.
79. Hormone therapy can have significant masculinizing or feminizing effects and can assist in bringing transgender people’s secondary sex characteristics into alignment with their gender identity. Therefore, hormone therapy is medically necessary care for transgender people who require it to treat their gender dysphoria.

80. Gender-affirming hormone therapy does not necessarily result in a loss of fertility, and many individuals treated with hormone therapy can and do still biologically conceive children. The first sentence is just a lie, and is contradicted by the 3rd sentence. No one's sex characteristics are changed if he/she is still fertile under the original sex. Sandwiched in between is "Therefore, hormone therapy is medically necessary", and absurd non-sequitur.

This footnote is silly:
For these reasons, the Endocrine Society, an international medical organization representing over 18,000 endocrinology researchers and clinicians, warns practitioners that the terms “biological sex” and “biological male or female” are imprecise and should be avoided.
Those terms are probably the most precise terms in the brief. Terms like "gender identity" are hopelessly ill-defined, and there is no consensus on what it is. Some say there is a biological element underlying gender identity, and that it is innate and immutable. Others say that it is a psychological phenomenon, or even a social construct. Others say there is no such thing, that it cannot be measured, and the phrase is just used to describe some role-playing.

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CFT said...

'Gender affirming care' is when you tell your son 'No' he isn't dream girl Barbie, he's a boy, NOT when you castrate him. Calling anything that mutilates children's bodies 'affirming' is just outright disgusting and evil, and should be called out at any level.

Claiming to be born into the wrong body is about as unscientific and absurd as it gets. I would simply ask the question: 'Why is this not considered mental illness?' as the people who suffer from gender dysphoria have a higher suicide rate than Auschwitz or Spandau (regardless of whether or not they are surgically mutilated). Last I knew, if there is no statistical change in an outcome (suicide) from a treatment (sex change operations), then the so called 'treatment' isn't valid. The man who actually pioneered sex change operations at John Hopkins eventually admitted this was pandering to mental illness instead of addressing and treating it, and stopped doing the procedures...and was then vilified by the quacks who wanted to continue performing the surgeries.

I personally believe that anyone who would do this to a child should be barred from any medical practice and put in prison with the rest of the child molesters...after gleefully informing the rest of the general prison population of what they had done...this would also resolve the problem in short order.

I wonder how long it will be before certain people start openly claiming they are Cleopatra or Genghis Khan reincarnated...and are then taken seriously by the medical profession who demand these people be treated legally as who they claim to be.

Western medicine is quickly becoming a clown show.