Friday, August 25, 2023

Trump for President

Pres. Trump was arrested again.

I would never vote for Pres. Biden for the following reasons.

Biden lost 2 wars. The Biden foreign policy in Afghanistan and Ukraine has been extremely damaging and irresponsible.

Borders. Biden has permitted an invasion of millions of foreigners, making USA worse.

Corruption. The Biden family has accepted millions of dollars in bribes, from China and Ukraine.

Econonmy. We have inflation, big deficits, oil dependency, runaway spending.

Politicized prosecutions. Biden has used the US DoJ to go after political enemies. Yes, I have read the four Trump indictments, and they are for things no one ever thought was criminal before, and with flimsy evidence. They are un-American.

Appointments. Trump appointed much better judges than Biden.

Culture war. Biden is aligned with those grooming your kids into trannies.

Senility. Biden is obviously unfit for any position of responsibility. He is obviously a puppet, and others are calling the shots.

I have tried reading the rants of the Trump-haters. They complain about his personality, but almost never try to even make an argument that the Biden administration was somehow better than Trump's.

Even on subjects like climate change, Biden's policies will be putting more CO2 into the atmosphere than Trump's presidency, largely by moving Third World residents to the USA where they and their descendants will use fossil fuels.

There are some other Republicans who would be better than Biden. But they have either disqualified themselves, or not yet ready for the White House. Trump is the only man who can save the nation.

These phony charges only underline the necessity of draining the swamp.

We are at a crossroads. 200 million people clicked ont he Trump-Tucker interview, according to Twitter/X. Are we going to sit back a senile corrupt pervert puppet frame his political opponent with bogus charges?


MikeAdamson said...

I'm surprised he was charged as the elites in America aren't usually held accountable. Maybe there's hope for your nation yet.

CFT said...

It amuses me to no end how even supposedly conservative folk can call Trump a failed president... and then completely forget where we would be right now had Trump not made the supreme court and federal judicial appointments... appointments that neither of Bush Inc. could seem to get right time after time. Biden has unleashed a police state and inflation the likes of which this nation has never seen, and he's being proclaimed successful, so much for objectivity. It's almost as if history is being scripted by Bugs Bunny.

The left has now tipped its hand, their cards are all on the table, and all can now see how they wish to stack the decks of all levers of power. Look to California if you want to know how that one party rule is going to turn out, if that looks good to you, I guess you're in for a treat.

CFT said...

Your country has Trudeau at the helm. You have no ground to stand on, much less weigh in.
If you fail to notice Biden and what he has done while falsely accusing others to have doing, no, there is no hope for you.

MikeAdamson said...


Please read my comment and explain how your response makes any sense whatsoever.

CFT said...


One does not 'hope' for false accusations that serve no purpose other than to attempt to remove a political candidate from running (by either political party), as this then becomes a legal precedent and a tactic to win future elections by frivolous lawsuit.
It has already been done several times to Trump throughout his presidency, and is a fairly good indication that America is about to descend into increasing civil unrest.

If you want to inform yourself of what is actually going on legally, Viva Frei has done quite a bit of extensive legal analysis on the merit of the various charges, and why they are ridiculous. Otherwise, please go troll somewhere else.

MikeAdamson said...

Viva Frei is Canadian, Jewish and part of the delusional conservative movement. Whether Trump is guilty or not, I observed that American elites are rarely held to account i.e. they rarely see the inside of a courtroom. Obstructing the normal electoral process is a serious violation and it will be interesting to see what evidence the government offers in support of Trump's involvement.

CFT said...


'Viva Frei is Canadian, and Jewish.' what? Is that somehow disqualifying his legal analysis or just you trolling again? You obviously have expended zero effort and done no research, but somehow you just 'know' his arguments have no merit because...well, you don't actually say.

I do thank you so for clarifying your own position though, with your dismissal of anything "..part of the delusional conservative movement." ...because of course if someone disagreed with your enlightened political party, they would be 'delusional'....because... well, you don't actually say.

For context and the record, I couldn't care less what you do in Canada, but in the United States challenging election results is not "Obstructing the normal electoral process", it is actually part of the normal electoral process, and part of due process as well, which you would know if you were even remotely politically/legally literate in American law...which you aren't. Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Stacy Abrams also lawyered up and challenged election results as well, and no one ever called it 'obstructing the normal electoral process', and no legal charges were ever brought against them for doing it much less prison time... because it isn't illegal and it was within their rights to do so.

To this day Al, Hillary, and Stacy continue to take every opportunity when in public to bitch about how they were cheated in the election, yet not one charge has ever been filed against them about their 'involvement' or accusing them of insurrection.

MikeAdamson said...

Not all conservatives are delusional but Trump has attracted an interesting group of conspiracy mongers and off the wall zanies, including Viva Frei. That is what I mean by "delusional conservative movement."

There is nothing wrong with challenging election results; it happens routinely. Challenging election results is not what Trump is charged with. Think about it.