Friday, August 04, 2023

The Political Marriage Gap

Wash. Examiner op-ed:
What would it look like if a major publication decided to produce a feature on masculinity but then assigned all the articles to women?

Well, it would look a lot like Politico’s The Masculinity Issue, which did exactly that.

Politico’s aversion to asking men to write about masculinity aside, one theme throughout the feature was that, in Katelynn Fossett’s words, over the last few decades, “women are voting for Democrats more, and men are usually sticking with Republicans.”

No, as the article explains, married men and women vote Republican.
Single women are single-handedly saving the Democratic Party. By a 37-point margin (68% to 31%), single women overwhelmingly pulled the lever for Democrats.

This is why when President Barack Obama ran for reelection, his agenda was promoted through a slideshow that followed the "Life of Julia," documenting how Democratic programs protect and provide for her throughout her life, without a father or husband ever in the picture.

It’s why President Joe Biden followed suit with his own Linda slideshow, depicting, again, how Democratic programs protect and provide for women throughout their lives, without a father or husband ever in sight.

It is in the Democrats' political interest to destroy marriage, and make single women dependent on the government.


CFT said...

At this point it would be fair to say that the left has become a hostile psyops program with the intent to destroy the country, I'll take a wild guess that its origins are not domestic as its agenda seems entirely engineered to specifically attack America's fabric.

Angry single people who want to 'burn it all down' will never have a future, as they have no means or prospects to even maintain their present or produce an heir. After you have burnt it all down, what exactly do you expect to live in? They haven't a clue.

A rebel without a plan is always a puppet of someone else with money.

MikeAdamson said...


CFT said...

'LOL'? like As if, ROTFLMAO! (*insert vapid wink emoji*)

Drive-by acronyms come across in the voice of a very smug valley girl who thinks she's clever AF while texting and driving thinking she has just PWNED someone as she swerves down the road, like totally, OMG GTFO!(*insert smiling swirly poop emoji*)!

If you actually want to engage an idea or conversation, then actually engage it, with actual words, take a risk and put yourself out there with your views...but please, I beg you, leave the cell phone morse code to the kids.