Saturday, August 05, 2023

Dawkins is not a Transphobe

Dima the Show posted a video claiming that Richard Dawkins got the science of sex wrong. When the comments pointed out that he failed to show any errors, he posted another video reciting the scientific consensus. Or so he claims.

I did not see anything erroneous, or even transphobic, in Dawkins' remarks, so I watched the video.

He cites six sources for the scientific consensus, but none are scientific studies or statements. They are all opinions by folks who make money treating gender dysphoria. So of course they favor insurance companies paying for treatments of related illnesses.

These people are triggered by these facts:

Sex is biological, innate, binary, and immutable.

Homosexuality and gender nonconformity have long been considered mental illnesses.

Transgenderism is just a linguistic fantasy.

Pandering to crazy delusions usually makes the condition worse.

His sources do not really refute any of these things. He mainly argues that there is a consensus among the organizations that those treating the transgendered are in favor of transgender rights. I do not doubt that.

For example, his first reference is from the American Medical Assn, and is titled "Advocating for the LGBTQ community". It opposes the use of therapy to change sexual orientation or gender identity. It pointedly does not say whether such therapies work.

Then it says it wants insurance companies to pay, and that transgender individuals should be able to use opposite sex restrooms. Okay, that is just an opinion.

The transgender advocates have become the world's most unreasonable people. And they have taken over the Biden administration and the courts and the medical associations, so they have the power to punish us all. For example, the courts:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that transgender students in Indiana must have access to the bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identities.
The opinion is filled will silly arguments, such as a school girl being irreparably harmed by not using the boys rest room, and that the definition of sex has changed. It interprets a law saying that schools can separate sexes for bathrooms, and then says they cannot. It is all so stupid that I do not believe that the judges believe it. The judges are ideologically committed to forcing a transgender agenda on us all.


CFT said...

1.) Sex is biological, that is LITERALLY what it is and what it is for on the most fundamental level.
Yes, I understand there are all kinds of OTHER things that revolve around sex, such as
psychology, and attendant behavior, which are also still part and parcel of biological sex as in that they are required for the organism to function within the framework of a sexual gender.

2.) Homosexuality and gender non-conformity. This is a painfully awkward arena in that it is and has been BOTH a good and a bad thing. Homosexuality almost literally removes a person from a huge part of the human experience psychologically (mental maturity) and biologically (sexual reproduction) in the cycle of life. Society at it's root has to function biologically in that it has to maintain itself and reproduce and grow, if it doesn't, the society collapses and its remains are consumed by competing societies. If homosexuals willingly contribute to the survival of the society, something quite extraordinary can happen. However, if the opposite happens, if the homosexuals largely decide they are adversarial to the greater society, they then become toxic to the society, to the point where they start to resemble a cancer, consuming resources and disrupting necessary functions, but not offsetting this with anything useful to the body of society. These are very broad strokes with which to paint an overall picture. They are not the whole picture though.

Life is incredibly demanding in all things. Time. Energy. Effort. Patience. Resources. Homosexuals are some of the few people in the entire human design which have been gifted and cursed with a greater degree of freedom from some of these burdens/blessings that life requires.

I have already mentioned the biological negatives in broad strokes when things go out of balance. How about the positives?

When you take reproduction and all that follows off the table, a person has more time, energy, patience, and resources to do something entirely different, to create something else than a new person. This something else can be profound and life changing in ways that eventually can impact every member of a society, and at times even transcend it.

If you study history, you will find that when instinct does not guide you properly, and you stumble, you must very consciously study and mimic those around you first, both for understanding and self protection. This leads to insights that are not easy or common when one is fully engaged in turning the great wheel of a terribly consuming but vital process. You watch men and women dancing, always dancing, and yet not knowing they are dancing. You see their steps, not as you yourself would take them, but as you observe others take them. You begin to see the pattern, and if you are lucky, you see the sublime beauty in them, and in helping them continue...and if you are inspired, you try to add something to them, contributing in your own tiny way to the great dance you are not fully a part of, by helping it, enhancing it, and then you get:

Theater, the required mimicry of something else to present an illusion to some purpose...
Music, the theme of structured sound which inspires others to dance...
Art, the mediums of presenting both the powerful and terrible beauty of humanity and nature...
Philosophy, the realm of ideas which govern thought and decisions...
And Science, the meticulous story of 'what' and 'how' in all things observed.

If you remove all those strange non-conforming outsiders who pursued these things, the light goes out. The human world is very dark and desperate without these additions and distractions, much prone to nihilism of the spirit without even the smallest flickering of some spark to help guide it.

CFT said...

3.) Transgenderism has collapsed into basement of political farce. It has become a cruel intentional perversion of something truly rare and unfortunate, and seeks to delude not enlighten those in most need of care. Mutilation of children is not a 'affirmative' care of any kind. Mass psychosis politically employed for deluded identity has nothing to offer but misery and death. It is one thing to mimic for protection and artifice, quite another to delude yourself into something that mutilates your mind and body and leaves you no way home before you haven taken your first few steps into sexual maturity.