Monday, August 14, 2023

Fictitious Atlanta Document Charges 13 Felonies

NBC News reports:
A docket appeared on the Fulton County court website shortly after noon, the news agency Reuters reported, indicating that Trump had been charged. The document was quickly removed from the site, Reuters reported, and the news agency then changed its report to say Georgia was "set to charge" the former president. A representative for the Fulton County prosecutor's office called the report inaccurate, and the county clerk's office later issued a statement calling it a "fictitious document that has been circulated online."
Really? Here is the list of 13 felonies.

So the Democrat prosecutors are using a fictitious document to charge Pres. Trump of conspiracy to commit false statements and writings! The pot is calling the kettle black.

Also racketeering and some other crazy charges. We shall soon see. All Trump did was call an election official to see if there were enough votes to contest the election.

Update: Here is the indictment. Yes, 13 felonies. The prosecutor's office was lying about it being fictitious.


MikeAdamson said...

I would be surprised if that's all he did but we'll know the allegations soon enough. It's hard to believe he still enjoys such wide support but truth is stranger than fiction I guess.

CFT said...

I would be surprised if Joe Biden can finish his term. Between his blatant lifetime of corruption finally coming to light and his propensity to fall down... a lot, I'm not entirely sure which will do him more damage, the truth or falling down the steps on Air Force one. Fortunately, I've purchased a lot of popcorn to munch on while I watch him self destruct on the evening news.

The allegations against Trump are pretty meaningless at this point, as they were already trying to impeach him before he was sworn into office and hadn't done anything yet (Remember Peter Strozk and Lisa Page??). I've been keeping track of the false allegations, and it is a lllllong list. He has been accused of just about everything, most of which falls solidly under TDS, and each and every time the accusations fall flat or are disproved...again, yet another brand new whack-a-mole accusation materializes and the talking heads pivot effortlessly into the next breathless DNC talking point without pausing.

MikeAdamson said...

I'm no fan of Biden but the Republicans' inability to come up with any evidence against him strongly suggests you are mistaken. Perhaps the DOJ will find something but that would truly be a surprise.

CFT said...

Actually, they do have a lot evidence, The DOJ was just forced to appoint a special counsel, even if they broke the law in their appointment, as they apparently don't know what the word 'independent' means, I hope they find a dictionary soon. If you are getting your primary source of media from the media, you would not know this.

ABC,NBC,CBS, PBS (hah!),MSNBC,CNN, that thing called The Guardian (they still haven't figured out we aren't a parliament or part of the UK), The New York Times, LA times, None of these are very good and haven't been for quite some time, and they all have a nasty habit of just repeating back and forth to each other's editorial pages and calling it 'everybody knows'. They actually don't know very much, except that they hate Trump and will say pretty much anything to let people know just how much. You can only cry wolf so many times before it becomes comedy.