Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Explaining IQ Tests

Here is a good new video on What Does IQ Actually Measure?

It explains some limitations of IQ tests, and how it is the best predictor of success in a wide variety of areas.

For example, the USA military cannot make use of recruits with IQ below 80. they are unable to do anything productive, and get in the way of everyone else. It makes me wonder how they find a place anywhere else.

People are scared of IQ tests, and do not like to talk about them. there is pressure not to use them. For example, colleges might use them to identify students with the potential to do well in college, even though their records may have shortcomings. But racial politics have caused colleges to reduce their use of standardized tests.


CFT said...

IQ testing isn't exactly rocket science either. While it's nice you can say you can test certain cognitive features, it's not a very good way to place people other than high/medium/low.

I've seen what the MENSA crowd is like, and they aren't all that. The way things have been going, the smartest person in the room is just as likely to create a super virus that wipes out humanity as much as do anything remotely useful. The smartest folks are often low in wisdom and high in hubris, it's not a good combination.

CFT said...

The reason people fear IQ test is that they should fear IQ tests, as they have been misused frequently by smart people who should know better. I believe one such misuse was to deny certain people from becoming police officers because the powers that be decided high IQ meant the person would question orders more and get bored more easily... can't have that now can we?

Quite frankly there are other ways to determine if a person is suited to a task that are far more effective than an IQ test.