Friday, August 11, 2023

ESG Leaves Africans in the Cold

Newsweek essay:
The continent of Africa stands as a stark reminder of what we stand to lose by embracing erroneous ESG standards. As more African nations and people strive for a path to sustainable development and flourishing, international treaties and alliances threaten to rob them of their opportunity for growth. All developed nations have relied on cheap and abundant energy to achieve economic growth, but they are now threatening to close the door behind them and leave Africans in the cold. Climate activists argue that because Africa is at greater risk of climate-related events, it is in their best interest to forgo abundant energy sources.
I did not know that. ESG is all a plot to cheat Africans out of energy.

Of course Africa has still benefited enormously from Western economic development. Even if they could not burn their own oil, they are still getting modern food, medicine, technology, and everything else.

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CFT said...

There was a great documentary made years ago called 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'. In it a gentleman from Africa openly states 'A clean energy Africa IS an un-industrialized Africa, and the West knows it. They do not want Africa to develop.'

The west can't even remotely function on solar panels and windmills, just ask Europe, how's that working out so far? Why would Africa be able to somehow do this when we can't? Magic? Wokanden Vibranium? Full-of-hopium? Experts who 'say so' stacked end to end with the almighty powers of their 'consensus'?

The folks who like to invoke the word 'SCIENCE' need to stop confusing it with 'pixie-dust'.