Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Covid Vaccines saved 748,600 Lives

New research paper:
…I find that vaccines saved 748,600 lives through June 2023. That is, without vaccines, cumulative mortality from COVID-19 would have been closer to 1.91 million over this time period. In answering the second question, I find that behavioral efforts to slow the transmission of the virus before vaccines became widely administered were critical to this positive impact of vaccines on cumulative mortality. For example, with a complete relaxation of these mitigation efforts, vaccines would have come too late to have saved a significant number of lives. Earlier deployment of vaccines would have saved many lives.
I am not sure I believe this, but assuming it is right, what do we learn?

I do not think that this justifies the vaccine mandates, or the school shutdowns.

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CFT said...

I personally know someone who died of Covid. She was 94 years old, and had lost her brother just a few months earlier. This woman was put into isolation and forbid contact with anyone at all as she lay dying...Alone and in despair. She died without a single friend to hold her hand... because certain people decided to lose their god damn minds to fear and abandon all known rational practices for handling disease. They did know better. I will not forgive Biden, or his personal angel of Death, Fauci the Plague Bringer, for the part they played in this farce.

*6ft is safe spacing? Are you really...are you kidding? based on what science? Because a decrepit old bureaucrat says so?

*Mask UP! Since viruses are stopped by masks... whoops, actually we figured this one out dealing with the Spanish Flu a century ago in 1918, they didn't work then either, and the CDC actually knew this...until they suddenly didn't...because Saint Fauci told them so. Medical knowledge actually advises against wearing masks constantly as this can raise risks of breathing infections, the masks act as infectious petri dishes right in front of your face if they aren't changed HOURLY. Thanks Fauci.

*Saint Fauci destroying the economy so he could pretend to be a hero...and who happened to have been responsible for the virus being created in Wuhan the first doesn't get any sicker than this. Thanks Fauci.

*Saint Fauci being told by our own government that gain of function had no scientific upside since it just created a new super contagious deadly disease, it didn't cure one...and then going around the law and outsourcing it to Wuhan China. Thanks Fauci.

*Saint Fauci strikes again, and blacklists the very virologists who were trying to figure out the origin and nature of the disease in order to help find a cure. This should be considered grounds for capital punishment alone. Thanks Fauci.

*A vaccine is produced...which doesn't actually prevent transmission whatsoever (according to the very people who made it), and does nothing for people below a certain age except cause permanent heart damage in young men causing a higher mortality rate among young men than the disease itself...which information about was suppressed ....once Saint Fauci...and Joe Biden using government to silence any discussion. Thanks Fauci.

*There was no evidence children were dying of Covid, or even spreading it, and yet the government managed to screw up millions of children's education for years to come. They advocated tiny children be forced to wear masks, and have done permanent harm to these children developmentally. Thanks Fauci.

*Joe Biden and Fauci vilified anyone who questioned the Jab, and had military and medical people fired for what should have been a personal decision. Let me get this straight, You MUST be vaccinated because you are a threat to ...vaccinated people...if you don't?!?? What fresh hell did this stupidity incubate in?? I see no one in the entire Biden administration bothered to look up what vaccines actually do if they are in fact vaccines. Thanks Fauci.

*The incompetent boobs in the media and shills in the medical community that went on television and social media and preened about their own purity and politics while perpetuating this scam are now saying we must forgive them, as it wasn't their fault, they were just scared and doing as they were told.... I have one word for these despicable, spiteful cowards ... Nuremberg. It's what they deserve.

Made up numbers of people saved by some of the same people who made the disease and then lied about it from beginning to end of the outbreak and censored people for questioning them. I'm way past skeptical of the experts, their track record is dismal.