Thursday, December 22, 2022

The events that shaped the 21st century

Tucker Carlson announced:
This is a country that supposedly sent a man to the Moon.
Now we are spending a lot more to try to send a Black woman to the Moon.

The Moon landing was one of the greatest events of the XX century. Alan Dershowitz says that the most important event of the 21st century was the death of George Floyd. More important than the 9-11-2001 hijacking, covid, election of Trump, Ukraine invasion, and MeToo.

If so, this is sad. The XX century will go down in history as the greatest of all centuries. Hundreds of great inventions, scientific and technological advances, medical and life quality improvements, etc. For the 21st, we have a criminal junkie who overdosed.

I am not sure Floyd was so important. The racial wokeness had begun with Pres. Obama, Treyvon Martin, Ferguson Missouri. and other stories. I think that the workess had other causes. Floyd was just a symbol to justify what was going to be done anyway.

In spite of all the free speech promises, Twitter still suspends anyone who tells the truth about Blacks.

Our public discourse is controlled more than ever. Stanford U. announced Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative:

The goal of the Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative is to eliminate* many forms of harmful language, including racist, violent, and biased (e.g., disability bias, ethnic bias, ethnic slurs, gender bias, implicit bias, sexual bias) language in Stanford websites and code.

The purpose of this website is to educate people about the possible impact of the words we use.

After some pushback, they admitted that it was okay for Americans to call themselves Americans.

None of that language is harmful. It is worth reading anyway, to see how our leading universities are manipulating us.

Update: After posting this, I see many attacking the Stanford list, including this Daily Wire essay:

This attempt to control the conversation is nothing new. As mentioned, “RBG” as she is affectionately known by her fans, co-authored a book on the topic in 1977 titled “Sex Bias in the U.S. Code.”

Thanks to one classic newsletter from conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly in 1993, Americans were warned that RBG’s radical views would be a detriment to the nation as she was being nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton. “How does it happen that a Supreme Court nominee whose only experience in private law practice was seven years as general counsel to the ACLU came to be praised by almost everyone as a ‘moderate’ and a ‘centrist’?” the mother-turned-activist said in “The Phyllis Schlafly Report” for July 1993. “My theory is: This just proves how easily men are fooled by a skirt. They deduced that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is ‘moderate’ because she isn’t a loud-mouth frizzy-haired, bra-burning, street demonstrator.”

Indeed, the best-selling author went on to fully expose Ginsburg for the extremist that she was.

“In fact, Ginsburg’s writings betray her as a radical, doctrinaire feminist, far out of the mainstream,” the conservative said at the time. “She shares the chip-on-the-shoulder, radical feminist view that American women have endured centuries of oppression and mistreatment from men.”

That was no exaggeration.

In “Sex Bias in the U.S Code,” RBG and her co-author suggested that the U.S. remove more than 20 words or phrases from all U.S. laws and substituted them with the sort of language advocated by Stanford today.

According to Schlafly, the activist-turned-judge went far beyond changing merely language. In “Sex Bias in the U.S. Code,” Ginsburg also advocated an entirely gender-neutral society in which women were drafted to combat, prisons were sex-integrated, prostitution was legalized, and the practical elimination of all single-sex organizations and places of education.

Though it’s doubtful the current woke army draws their inspiration on these matters to RBG, it should be noted that all of those goals are being pushed by progressives in America as we speak.

Yes, wokeness is not new, and did not start with George Floyd.

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