Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Gaslighting Us on the Russian Pipeline

The liszard people who run the world are gaslighting us. As one example, they have told us for months that Russie blew up its own pipeline. The story never made any sense. Obviously the USA or UK blew it up.

The NY Times finally admits that it participated on this bogus story:

In Nord Stream Mystery, Baltic Seabed Provides a Nearly Ideal Crime Scene

As investigators piece together clues, Russia has quietly taken steps to begin expensive repairs on the giant gas pipeline, complicating theories about who was behind September’s sabotage.

The Swedish authorities leading a criminal investigation have concluded that a state actor was most likely responsible for a September blast that ripped through the gas pipes.

But the theory that Russia carried out the blasts, repeated often by Western officials, has only gotten more complicated.

In recent weeks, Nord Stream AG, which is majority-owned by a Kremlin-controlled company, has begun pricing out the cost to repair the pipe and restore gas flow, according to a person briefed on the work who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about it publicly. One repair estimate starts at about $500 million, the person said. Consultants for Russia are also studying how long the damaged pipes can withstand saltwater exposure. The inquiries raise the question of why, if Russia bombed its own pipelines, it would begin the expensive work of repairing them.

But sabotaging a key piece of energy infrastructure could be considered an act of war. For a European Union or NATO member to carry it out would have significant consequences, shattering trust in two of the most important Western partnerships.

Many European governments and experts see Moscow as the most likely saboteur.

The explosion does not neatly benefit Russia.

They are also still gaslighting us about George Floyd. Now that all the cops are serving long prison terms, we are told that his murder was proof of systemic injustice to Blacks.

The murder story does not even make any sense. If the cops wanted to murder Floyd, they would not have called an ambulance. They would have taken him to where there were no witnesses.

Floyd was already dying of a fentanyl overdose before the cops touched him. It is impossible to injure someone by doing what the cops did. At the trial, it was not even argued that the cops acted out of racial animus, or that they had any way of knowing that what they were doing was dangerous.

Now the Democrat Congress passes a trillion-dollar budget, including border security for other countries, but not for the USA. We are suffering the biggest civilian invasion in recorded history. Pres. Biden will be remembered as a big traitor.

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