Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Stanford Against Ridiculing Whites for Behavior

Here is a followup:
That was quick! Just 48 hours after the Washington Free Beacon and the Wall Street Journal shed light on a Stanford University list of "offensive" words and phrases like "American" and "blind study," the university would like to make a few clarifications.

The university hid its "Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative" behind a login page Monday following widespread public criticism of its effort to purge "potentially harmful" language like "survivor," "victim," "blackbox" and "white paper" from university websites. In a letter posted Tuesday evening, the university's chief information officer Steve Gallagher said the guide "does not represent university policy," nor "mandates or requirements."

"We have particularly heard concerns about the guide’s treatment of the term ‘American,'" Gallagher wrote, referring to the blueprint's assessment that "American" ascribed superiority to people from the United States. "To be very clear, not only is the use of the term ‘American' not banned at Stanford, it is absolutely welcomed," he continued. ...

The guide even warned against using the progressive phrase "preferred pronouns," since it "suggests that non-binary gender identity is a choice and a preference."

Non-binary gender identity is a choice, unless it is about children being coerced by adults. Even there, it is a choice by the adults who promote it.

The page is very revealing about woke thinking. Consider:


demanding or entitled White woman

This term is used to ridicule or demean a certain group of people based on their behaviors.

I would think that attacking Whites is permitted, but apparently the problem is riciculing them for their behavior!

I understand not wanting to ridicule people for their innate immutable characteristics, but nearly everyone approves of ridiculing for behavior.

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