Friday, December 02, 2022

Wokism is the New Cultural Marxism

I am trying to understand how we got to today's woke politics. Modern institutions have gone whole hog into views that 90% of the population rejected, just a few years ago.


Long-serving royal aide Lady Susan Hussey stepped down after domestic abuse charity founder Ngozi Fulani tweeted that she had been repeatedly asked where she "was from" during a palace event.
Fulani is an extremely rude Black woman:
Ms Fulani was at the reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday representing the London-based charity Sistah Space, which supports women of African and Caribbean heritage across the UK who have faced domestic and sexual abuse.
So she was begging the royals for money for African and Caribbean women, but refusing to say which she was.
Lady SH: Where are you from?

Me: Sistah Space.

SH: No, where do you come from? ...

Me: No lady, I am of African heritage, Caribbean descent and British nationality.

So she knew how to answer the question, but rudely gave repeated evasive answers. She obviously hates White people, hates White culture, and wants Whites to pay for criminal behavior among Blacks.

And yet everyone is blaming the 83-year-old White lady.

Canadian universities hire faculty with preference to sexual perversions.

Where did those attitudes come from, among the Whites?

Another example, from the NY Times:

“In the two years since nationwide social justice protests followed the murder of George Floyd, California has undertaken the nation’s most sweeping effort yet to explore some concrete restitution to Black citizens to address the enduring economic effects of slavery and racism.
This is crazy, as California never had slavery and never mistreated Blacks.

Christopher Rufo has done a great job of tracing anti-White attitudes to a leftist academic doctrine called Critical Race Theory. The story goes much deeper. Apparently it descends from Jewish Marxism.

Joan Braune wrote in Journal of Social Justice, Vol. 9, 2019:

This article argues that “Cultural Marxism” is an antisemitic conspiracy theory, by drawing from three of the main proponents of the theory in the United States today. According to the conspiracy theory, the Jewish Marxists of the Frankfurt School implemented a slow takeover of “culture,” seeking to undermine Christianity, family, and nation in favor of a new worldview and system of control, involving mass immigration, sexual liberation, and moral and aesthetic decline. Cultural Marxists, the conspiracy theorists believe, now control all areas of public life, including the media, schools, entertainment, the economy, and national and global systems of governance. Not only does this theory vastly overestimate the influence of a small group of intellectuals, the conspiracy theory trades on the Frankfurt School’s perceived Jewishness and amplifies antisemitic tropes.
The article goes on to explain that Jewish Marxists really did all those things. Wikipedia has more in its article on Cultural Marxists, which it has rebranded Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory in order to emphasize Jewish influences. It says that the Cultural Marxists prefer to be called Critical Theorists, and they do not agree that they are subverting Western Civilization. Of course not.

Saying it "amplifies antisemitic tropes" is a bit like saying FBI crime data reports amplify Black stereotypes. Yes, I guess they do.

A new video on Feminism’s Long History of Anti-Whiteness explains the feminist angle to all this nonsense.

Ryan Chapman ties it all together with a video on The Intellectual Roots Of 'Wokeness':

An explanation of how Marxism was adapted by academics into leftist identity politics to form what we now think of as 'wokeness.'
I have been using terms like wokeness and wokism, but maybe Jewish Marxism is a better term.

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