Thursday, December 15, 2022

Sex is Real, Immutable, and Binary

This is a fact:
Biological sex is real, immutable, and binary.

— Colin Wright (@SwipeWright) November 13, 2022

Physicist Sean M. Carroll tweeted that science disproves this, and then doubled down on his podcast.

He does not really dispute that sex is real, or that sex is immutable, or even that sex is binary. His objection is that some people assume a gender identity that differs from their sex, and it is more politically correct to accept whatever gender they claim to be. He says gender dysphoria can be a disease, but a gender change is the cure, so then transgender people are not diseased anymore.

This is just foolishness.

I am afraid that respect for Physics is declining. It used to be the highest status of all the sciences. In the last two weeks, there have been two huge Physics research stories. Sending information through a wormhole created in a quantum computer, and achieving fusion supremacy with more energy out than in.

Both of these stories are hoaxes. There are no wormholes, and it is not clear whether there are even any quantum computers. The fusion experiment put 100x more energy in than out. It is not clear whether it is possible to have quantum computers or fusion reactors in the foreseeable future.

Carroll himself is a big believer in many-worlds theory, which is a denial of much of science because it says almost anything can happen and experimental outcomes take place in parallel universes.

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CFT said...

Sean Carroll should read up on the suicide rates before and after sex changes.
They are statistically almost identical.
The reason the person who pioneered the sex change operation abandoned the practice was that he felt treating the mental illness was more productive than empowering the mental illness.

Gender affirming treatment is basically no different than telling a schizophrenic that their delusions are real, or telling a skeletal thin woman who weighs 98 pounds and suffers from an eating disorder that she should get liposuction.

Encouraging mental illness and behavioral disorders is just outright evil.