Saturday, December 17, 2022

Gaslighting the Royals

The latest Harry & Meghan trailer helped popularize the word gaslighting, and it became word of the year.
The online dictionary chose “gaslighting,” which it defines as “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s own advantage,” as its top word of 2022 because it has become the “favored word for the perception of deception.”

Gaslighting is usually more complex than an off-the-cuff lie and more nefarious, too: Gaslighting someone into believing they’re wrong is often part of a “larger plan,” said Merriam-Webster.

It is hard to understand how the world's most privileged people can whine so much.

The word is from a 1944 movie, but has gotten popular in the last five years. Something about MeToo and feminist paranoia, I guess.

Here is a Canadian Jew complaining of anti-semitism. There are two main complaints -- some people draw attention to Jewish power and influence, and Jews do not qualify as oppressed people of color. And the Jewish Holocaust. Reciting Jewish tropes is terrible be cause it leads to more holocausts. These people will say anything to promote their paranoid fantasies.

She has no examples of Jews being mistreated, or anything like that. Her complaints are entirely about her fellow university leftists not accepting certain Jewish narratives. In other words, Jews are gaslighting us, and complaining that it does not always work.

Here ia law professor Alan Dershowitz complaining that Donald Trump stereotypes Jews, as he stereotypes everyone else. He says Trump is not anti-semitic. Trump said the NY Times is a Jewish newspaper!

Dersh says the Sulzbergers do not attend synagogue anymore, and the NY Times is anti-Israel. I still consider it a Jewish paper. It is run by Jews. It caters to a Jewish audience. Its paid subscribers are largely Jewish. Its opinions are consistently aligned with NY Jews.

It is funny to hear Jews complaining about ethnic sterotyping.

Here is a debate between Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes. They disagree about the Jews. Fuentes' main complain about the Jews is theological.

Here is a Soho debate on nationalism. Nationalism lost to a Libertarian.

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