Sunday, December 20, 2020

Greece tries to prosecute for party membership

This NY Times article tells us how broken Europe is:
He’s a convicted criminal, found guilty by a Greek court in October and sentenced to 13 years in prison for his part in setting up and running the violent, neo-fascist Golden Dawn party, which the court ruled was a criminal organization. ...

In a court case that dragged on for five years and caught the world’s attention, Golden Dawn leaders and members were found to have formed and operated a criminal mob, destroying property, intimidating people, attacking leftist organizations and migrants and murdering an antifascist musician. Sixty-eight of its adherents were convicted.

A five year trial to extinguish a political political? Yes, obviously the trial was a political hit. If they really committed crimes, it would not have taken five years to prove it.
Golden Dawn leapt to prominence a decade ago, blaming the European Union, elites and immigrants, particularly Muslims, for the country’s ills as a calamitous financial crisis pounded Greece.
They should be blamed.
Mr. Lagos is several months away, at least, from being arrested and extradited to Greece to serve his sentence. ...

But the head of the Parliament’s legal committee, which handles requests to waive immunity, was adamant that nothing could be done to expedite Mr. Lagos’s case.

The lawmaker, Adrián Vázquez Lázara of Spain, said in a recent interview that Mr. Lagos is 12th on a list of 12 immunity waiver cases the committee must deal with in due course, and that they must be addressed in the order they were received. He warned that any deviation from the process could expose the committee to accusations of bias.

That is laughable.
While Mr. Lagos’s crimes are serious, the cases against the Catalan politicians are also “very, very serious,” Mr. Vázquez Lázara said. “They are accused of sedition!”

But sedition — incitement to overthrow the government — is no longer considered a criminal offense in many Western countries, while in others it is rarely prosecuted and carries only minor penalties. In addition, the Catalan politicians, unlike Mr. Lagos, have not been found guilty of anything as yet.

Sedition? They let Moslems run free while prosecuting Spanish Catalans for sedition?

A Communist country like China might prosecue that, but I am beginning to think that China has more free speech than we do:

In China, you are censored if you:

Talk against the government aggressively, and in particular if you attack Xi Jinping or the communist party directly.

In America, you are censored if you:

  • Talk about Jews
  • Point out that Jews are the single wealthiest group of people in the world
  • Research the Holocaust
  • Say the n-word
  • Misgender a tranny
  • Make jokes about a dead fat woman
  • Say that trannies aren’t women
  • Oppose homosexual marriage
  • Post black crime statistics
  • Post CDC coronavirus statistics
  • Post about Hunter Biden
  • Ask any questions at all about the coronavirus
  • Ask any questions at all about the coronavirus vaccine
  • Post information showing that Trump won the election
I am expectin a lot less free speech under Pres. Biden.

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