Monday, December 28, 2020

Netflix vision of human future

I tried to watch the Netflix movie, The Midnight Sky, where George Clooney is a scientist stranded in the Arctic. After some boring scenes with an improbably little girl and some confusing flashbacks, I skipped ahead to see if the girl was a figment of his imagination. I didn't really want to watch a whole movie wondering whether some character was supposed to be real. The flashbacks are bad enough.

Clooney once starred in another sci-fi movie where all the action was in flashbacks and imaginary characters, and where the viewer could never tell what was supposed to be real and what was not.

So I skipped ahead, and everyone on Earth was dead! There was some unexplained disaster. The future of humanity depended on convincing some astronauts to settle on a newly-discovered moon of Jupiter, which seems like a paradise. That could be a figment of someone else's imagination, I am not sure.

This being Netflix, the movie had to involve a Black man banging a White woman somehow. So I skipped ahead again, to find out. Sure enough, the last two humans alive end up on Jupiter's moon, and they are a Black man and a White woman! From the woman's expression, she appears to think that she died and went to Hell.

Netflix knows more about the public taste in movies than anyone else. It tracks what shows people watch. More than that, it tracks when people skip scenes or quit watching. From this, it has decided that movies should have a lot of interracial sexual relations. And a fair amount of LGBTQ characters also.

This baffles me, because I don't know anyone who enjoys watching that stuff. I skimmed a few dozen user reviews, and I found none saying:

I enjoyed seeing Clooney hallucinate and persuade astronauts to avoid Earth and head to Jupiter. It was especially emotionally satisfying to see the human race depend on a Black man raping a White woman, and knowing that all future humans will be mulatto.
Nobody says that.

So I see a couple of possibilities. Maybe Netflix knows something that we don't know, and that millions of people secretly enjoy this stuff. Or maybe Netflix is controlled by sick perverts who see social justice racial humiliation as more important than making money.

Either way, these movies are disappointing.

Amazon Prime has a movie, Assassin 33 A.D., that is explicitly anti-Christian. Some Arab terrorists steal a time machine to go back to kill Jesus before he can found Christianity. Actually they say Islam teaches that Jesus was a prophet, but was not divine and did not rise from the dead. So they just need to kill Jesus to prevent him from rising from the dead. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense and is not intend to be taken seriously. Maybe it is a dark comedy, I am not sure. The heroes plan to go back earlier to make sure that Jesus gets crucified, as in the Bible. I did not watch it to the end, so I don't know if the timeline gets restored.

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