Monday, December 21, 2020

Mode White American is a 60yo Boomer

The biggest long-term trend in the USA is the systematic replacement of Whites with non-whites. Wikipedia calls it a conspiracy theory, but the truth is plain to see.

A Pew Research analysis of 2018 US Census data shows this in a striking way. The most common ages for each race are:

27 - All Americans
58 - Whites
26-29 - Blacks, Asians, American Indians, Hawaiians, etc
11 - Hispanics
3 - multi-racial
Ok Boomers, you are about to be replaced by Hispanics and multiracial babies.

The data is two years old, so presumably the mode age for White is now 60, if they haven't died from COVID-19.

Barack Obama's daughter Malia is dating a White boy from another country.

In TV and movies, the changes have gone backwards in time. The London Daily Mail reports:

Jodie Turner-Smith plays Anne Boleyn in new Channel 5 drama that seeks to 'challenge conventions' by casting black actress as Henry VIII's executed wife and 'shine a feminist light' on her story
I thought that people watch these historical period dramas as a way of getting away from watching Blacks and others destroy White culture. No more.

Now the main source of White dramas is Eastern European Netflix shows. They feature White people. The American-made and British-made Netflix shows nearly always have White stars being sexually molested by Blacks or otherwise doing something perverted.

Meanwhile I see that the NY Times has finally confessed, after two years, that its reporter, Rukmini Callimachi, faked several of her prize-winning stories, particularly about ISIS terrorism. For the last 6 months, she has been reporting on Breonna Taylor. I am guessing that those were distorted also. NY Times is not saying, because Black lives matter.

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