Friday, December 04, 2020

No one needed net neutrality

TechDirt reports:
The report found that U.S. broadband speeds -- historically the poster child for mediocrity -- jumped roughly 90% during the COVID-19 lockdowns. ...

Yes, the study shows U.S. broadband speeds jumped 90% in 2020. But Buck also notes this likely isn't because of policy decisions at the FCC, or because ISPs did much of anything differently. It's most likely because when consumers were forced to stay home to work and attend school during COVID lockdown, they were simply willing to pay more money for already available, faster speeds because they realized faster broadband was essential.

A couple of years ago, Google and other monopolists were complaining that the FCC was abolishing net neutrality, and horrible things were going to happen.

Well, the ISPs did not do anything horrible, and people are not getting better service.

On another matter, Google has fired an Ethiopian woman working on ethical AI. It appears that she made too many diversity demands. She was one of those saying that police should not use face recognition because it identifies white men better than black women. She also appears to have an attitude problem, and probably thought that she could not be fired because she is a black African woman.

The post-Trump sellout of American workers has begun, as the US Senate just unanimously voted to drasticly increase programs of importing foreign workers to replace Americans. The Trump DoJ sued Facebook over abusing the program, and displacing Americans, but the Biden administration will probably drop the suit.

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