Sunday, December 27, 2020

Blacks have been taught to hate Whites

This Gallup Poll on race relations says that 70% of Black adults in 2001 thought that White/Black relations were good. It was still 66% in 2013, but sank to 36% in 2020.

So what happened? Were there a lot of lynchings like Emmett Till? Did new Jim Crow laws get passed? No.

Barack Obama and the liberal press perpetrated a series of hoaxes about Blacks being mistreated. There was Trayvon Martin, the Harvard professor, Ferguson Missouri, George Floyd, etc. Then there were White politicians like Joe Biden pandering to Black voters by promising slavery reparations.

When the NY Times detailed the five or so important people who died in 2020, one was George Floyd. They mentioned his criminal history, but not his fentanyl overdose.

It is all a cruel lie. This Quillette article explains:

Full-time, year-round white male workers, specifically, earn 73 cents for every dollar ($57,003) an equivalent Taiwanese American woman makes ($78,153). A cursory glance at the data reveals disparities of this magnitude across the board, some of which are even more significant.
So obviously there is no big discrimination against either women or non-whites.

So why did the news media push these racial hoaxes? Obviously they have ulterior motives. In the case of the NY Times, they have a deep hatred of White Christian American culture. Every day they have articles about how they would like to destroy it.

Today's NY Times has an article naming and shaming a 19-year-old for once using a commonly-used offensive word in a 3-second Snapchat video 4 years ago. This is just cruel anti-White racial hatred. Because of racist attacks, she had to withdraw from college.

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