Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Medical Journal denies that Sex is meaningful

The most prestigious medical journal in the world announces (paywalled):
We believe that it is now time to update the practice of designating sex on birth certificates, given the particularly harmful effects of such designations on intersex and transgender people. ...

Assigning sex at birth also doesn’t capture the diversity of people’s experiences.

Nothing else on the birth certificate captures the diversity of experiences either.

A biology professor explains the error in this, and why human sex is binary.

California dropped "mother" and "father" from its birth certificates several years ago. Some babies legally have two fathers and no mother.

The New York Dalton School may be the most racist:

Parents at Manhattan's $54K-a-year Dalton School pull their kids after it imposes anti-racism manifesto that focuses on 'challenges to white supremacy' - weeks after Megyn Kelly removed her children from another 'woke' NYC prep school

Posh private prep school Dalton drew uproar over staff's extreme demands
News of the eight-page memo was leaked this week by a furious parent
Lengthy list of 'demands' was signed by 129 faculty and staff members
It includes 12 diversity officers and giving 50% of all donations to NYC schools
All AP classes would be eliminated by 2023 if student scores aren't racially equal

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