Saturday, December 26, 2020

Jesus was a blue-eyed White man

The NY Times caters to Jewish readers, but occasionally lectures Christians on what they ought to believe, such as this column:
Trump evangelicals have turned Jesus’ message upside down. That’s called heresy. And, in the United States, this has created a toxic melding between white evangelicals and the Republican Party. We’ve seen the conversion of too many white evangelicals to the narcissistic and nationalistic cult of Trump, where the operative word in the phrase “white evangelical” is not “evangelical” but “white.” ...

Do you consider Jesus to have been a person of color?

Of course he was a person of color given where and when he was born. Blue-eyed white Jesuses exist only in American churches.

Jesus was born in Roman-occupied territory, and a lot of Romans were blue-eyed Whites. It is offensive to say that he was a BIPOC, when there is no historical evidence for that.

Some say that Jesus was a Jew, but he was a Christian, of course.

It is even more offensive to say that supporting Trump is a heresy. Trump has kept his promises, and worked for religious freedom and other rights for his Christian constituency. Nationalism is not a heresy, it is the job description.

No doubt the NY Times figures it can get away with these anti-Christian statements because they are in an opinion column of someone claiming to be a Christian. But he also admits that he does not subscribe to very much of what most people would call Christianity.

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MikeAdamson said...

There is no evidence to suggest that Jesus was the son of Roman parents so the probability is that he was a person of colour. As evangelicals do not prioritize the two great Commandments, it is reasonable to say that they are not acting faithfully in Christ although heresy might be a stretch. Happy Boxing Day!