Wednesday, December 30, 2020

NPR Radio promotes slavery reparations

NPR Radio On Point broadcast Confronting Misconceptions Around Race With Michelle Singletary, audio mp3.

She is a Black Wash. Post columnist and wants slavery reparations because she says all Whites today have profited from forced Black labor.

No, there are no net profits or benefits from Black labor. Blacks have cost the USA many trillions of dollars in crime, welfare, affirmative action, etc. White Americans would have been much better off if Blacks had never come to America. If there were an honest reckoning, Blacks would be pay Whites to compensate for damages.

The NY Times currently has some articles on the death of Breonna Taylor. But she was associating with illegal drug dealers, one of which shot a cop in the leg. The paper called it a "botched raid", as it is unclear whether the police properly announced themselves, and some of the shot were way off target. Okay, maybe some policemen could use additional training. Millions of dollars were paid in a settlement.

Is this really the best example of Blacks suffering discrimination? It appears to be just another example of Black criminals causing trouble and expense to the White community.

I see that the NY Times is getting some push-back for its article, I recently mentioned, about a college rejecting a girl for a 3-second private chat from several years earlier. But the criticism is too mild.

This girl was 100% innocent. She had every right to express her opinions privately. The details are none of anyone's business. She was being bullied by a half-black boy who disliked her because of the color of her skin. And the U. of Tennessee and NY Times took the side of the bully. And the NY Times doxxed in an attempt to ruin her life. It is disgusting.

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