Sunday, May 27, 2018

Opinion is a crime in England

The UK BBC reports:
A man described as a "poster boy" for a banned far-right terror group has been jailed after using social media to post racist and anti-Semitic material.

Wayne Bell, 37, made hundreds of posts on Twitter and a Russian social media site, including one describing Jewish people as "destructive" and "vile".

He was a prominent member of National Action before it was banned in 2016. ...

Sentencing him to four years and three months in jail, Mrs Justice Cheema Grubb said: "It is simply an act of birth that you are white and another man is black but you regard yourself as superior. ...

His online activity between March and December 2016 started when he set up a profile on the Russian site VK under the pseudonym Celtic Raider.
So I guess it is illegal in England to hold the opinion that whites are superior to blacks and that Jews are destructive and vile.

What to make of this? The obvious conclusion is that the lawmakers, prosecutors, and judge Cheema Grubb all think that whites are superior to blacks, and the Jews are destructive and vile.

No one bothers to punish people for telling obvious lies. Censorship is almost entirely concerned with covering up truths.

I am not endorsing these generalities. Obviously the above does not describe all Jews, whites, and blacks. But nobody would be jailed for saying that Jews were good people, or that blacks were superior to whites. Think about that.

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