Sunday, May 06, 2018

Movie Tully portray crazy mom

The new movie Tully is being billed as a comedy about motherhood. Supposedly it shows what motherhood is really like, with stressful challenges and humor about a new baby. The family gets a nanny whose wisdom and inspiration get the mom on track again.

But others say that the nanny turns out to be a hallucination, like Fight Club, and the mom is dangerously psychotic. She is diagnosed with postpartum depression, but she really has postpartum psychosis. It is really a horror movie, like Rosemary's Baby. The under-diagnosed mental illness is just part of the horror.

She has a normal husband, so he has to deal with the horror. She is just a crazy mom, exaggerated for comedic and horror effect.

Charlize Theron gained 50 pounds to play the role. Do we have a shortage of fat actresses?

In real life, she has refused to get married, for weirdo political reasons. She has adopted a couple of black African kids. She is a white African. It is funny how she can gain 50 pounds for a movie role, but she refuses to bear her own child.

I don't know, as I haven't seen it. I usually don't post spoilers, but I think movie customers should know whether they are getting a comedy or a horror movie. Half of each, apparently. Maybe you will want to watch the first half, and then walk out before it gets weird.

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