Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Democrat Party is the Black-Jewish Party

From a NY Times op=ed:
the GOP will never be able to shake its white party image. It will either increase its share of the white vote or it will go out of business as a party capable of winning national power.

My suggestion: the only long-term option for the Republicans, the de facto white party, is to rebrand the Democrats as the de facto black party. Not the Minority Party or the Cool, Hip, Multicultural Party—but the Black Party.

Go with the flow of the fundamental Manichaeism of American thought: Black versus White. Sure, it’s kind of retarded, but Americans, especially American intellectuals and pundits, aren’t good at thinking in terms of shades of brown. You can’t beat it, so use it.
Nothing original here, as the Democrat Party became the Black-Jewish party 10-15 years ago. The Democrats have already branded the Republican Party as the White Party. It gave up even asking for white male votes, and instead concentrated on white haters. The Republicans had no choice.

The Republican Party doesn't even promise to do any favors for white people. It just avoids promising to exterminate them.

The same newspaper celebrates with an article on Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!. This is a Jewish thing, of course. Marxism is a Jewish plot to enslave and exterminate its enemies. The NY Times publishing this article is like a non-Jewish paper publishing an article praising Adolf Hitler for being right.

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