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Empirical Examiniation of Jewish Question

The Ideas And Data blog writes:
The Jewish Question: an Empirical Examiniation
April 24, 2018 / ideasanddata123

This post will be about the Jewish Question. Specifically, I am going to empirically document the following claims:
Jews are vastly overrepresented in positions of power and cultural influence

Jewish elites are far to the left of gentile elites and have moved shifted the distribution of political opinion among American elites from centrism to leftism

Jewish leftism and success can partly be explained by their mean IQs, living in large cities, personality traits, and possibly certain cultural values, but ethnocentrism also plays an important role that should not be ignored.
After documenting these claims, I am going to spend some time on what implications can be drawn from them, and how people interested in White identity politics should act in light of them.
He has some impressive data to support these claims.

Nathan Cofnas disputes this in the comments. He agrees that Jews are overwhelmingly leftist and Democrat, but attributes it to higher IQ and to right-wing movements being anti-Semitic. I don't buy it.

First, the Republican Party is more pro-Israel and more pro-Jewish than the Democrats. There are many more anti-Semites on the Left than on the Right. The anti-Jewish BDS movement is entirely left-wing. It is hard to find any anti-Semitic right-wingers.

Jews have a religious belief that everyone is persecuting them, even when no one is. The article has data to support this.

Second, Democrats are, on average, of lower intelligence than Republican. So the IQ theory has to be based on Jews working their way into influential positions where they can manipulate the more typical low-IQ Democrat followers.

For the views of a typical high-IQ Ashkenazi Jewish atheist professor, see Scott Aaronson. He seems rational on many subjects, but when it comes to politics, he is typical Jewish leftist authoritarian who wants one-party rule in the USA with similarly-minded elites in charge.

So does he say that because he is high-IQ or Ashkenazi Jewish atheist? I don't know. You figure it out. He might be more influenced by his personal neuroses, for all I know. But statistically, there is a huge correlation between Jewishness and leftist authoritarianism.

The article is convincing that ethocentrism and IQ are both needed to explain Jewish leftism and success. Cofnas has also been refuted elsewhere.

Another comment says that it is only the non-orthodox ashkenazi Jews who are so leftist. That may be right.

Update: Kevin MacDonald adds:
[Jordan] Peterson has become popular because of his courage and knowledge in opposing political correctness. He stands up for men and for individual responsibility. To his credit he achieved celebrity status via social media, not as a creature of the mainstream media. Much of his stature rests on his use of scientific data in his argruments. I and many others certainly appreciate this approach; and he is particularly cogent in discussing sex differences and gender politics. There is not enough of this in public discourse.

However, my confidence in Peterson’s trustworthiness was shaken by his shoddy treatment of the Jewish Question, including name-calling directed at my own work. This is part of his broader offensive against identitarians, people who defend their group interests. For Peterson there are only individual interests (a bit strange for someone who approves of evolutionary biology, a subdiscipline that encompasses kin selection theory and, for humans, cultural group selection). For Peterson to admit there is a Jewish Question would be to concede the reality of group interests—not only families but religions, ethnic groups, and nations.

In the West, failure to acknowledge group interests is suicidal for its traditional European-derived populations.
Even Jordan Peterson has to stay within his Overton Window.

Update: Some Jewish scholar has called Jordan a Nazi for criticizing MacDonald. Weird. I thought that Peterson was appeasing the Jews. This just shows that there are prominent Jews who will hate non-Jews no matter what they say.

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