Monday, March 14, 2022

Hysterical Warmongers on the Left

The Left used to be reliably anti-war, but no more.

Here is a MoveOn spam letter:

Dear MoveOn member,

Fox News was the #1 most-watched network last week, as Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine.1

And last week, Tucker Carlson, Fox's "ratings king," told his 4.6 million viewers that it's "not un-American" to support Putin, that the Russian invasion is just a "border dispute," and that "Ukraine is not a democracy" but a "puppet" of the West.2,3

Tucker Carlson is dangerous—truly dangerous. Russia's state propaganda TV networks have been running clips of Tucker Carlson defending Putin and trashing Ukraine to sell Putin's war.4 And The Washington Post reported last week that new polling shows Republicans view Putin more favorably than they do President Joe Biden.5

Carlson has become the tip of the spear of the powerful right-wing media machine, the de facto leader of the white nationalist, authoritarian, right-wing media echo chamber, and we need to fight back.

MoveOn's in-house Creative Lab produces powerful videos and other viral content that directly counters the onslaught of right-wing talking points, authoritarianism, and lies. Since its launch, the Creative Lab has produced thousands of hard-hitting, fact-based videos that have been viewed hundreds of millions of times.

Democracy is at an inflection point, and we cannot let white supremacist, authoritarians like Carlson shape public opinion.

Fox News has been mostly pro-war, but MoveOn complains about the one guy who does not want to escalate the war!

It used to be that right-wingers would complain that leftists were un-American for not supporting a war. Now it is the Left complaining that a right-winger is un-American for not wanting to join the war in Ukraine.

There are still plenty of warmongers in the Republican Party. The sides have not completely flipped. But the biggest Republican leader in Donald Trump, and he has been against war, while Biden has provoked war, and MoveOn uses a pro-war pitch to raise money.

It is bizarre to call Carlson "the de facto leader of the white nationalist, authoritarian, right-wing media echo chamber". He is not echoing what most Republican politicians are saying. He is very critical of Lindsey Graham and others. He is one of the most anti-authoritarians on cable TV.

So what is this pitch really saying? It ends with "Democracy is at an inflection point". Nowadays, when the Left uses this language, it is nearly always about getting non-whites to outvote whites. What else? Why else would it keep calling Carlson white nationalist or white supremacist, when the issue is support for the Ukraine war?

Donate to MoveOn if you want to exterminate Whites.

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