Sunday, March 13, 2022

Flyers Describe Jewish Influence

A California newspaper reports:
Marin residents awoke to discover antisemitic flyers on their lawns, driveways and streets last week. Now, local law enforcement is struggling to determine whether any crimes have been committed. ...

Reporter’s Note: After much debate, the Bohemian deliberately omitted the names of the antisemitic group and its leader. It is my belief that when the media identifies them, it helps fuel their mission by providing the publicity they desperately desire. As a Jewish person, I am opposed to leading lost souls to the doorsteps of hate.

What is the point of this? The flyers just listed some prominent Jews in the Biden administration. If the police cannot find any laws being broken, then what is the problem?

The flyer was apparently inspired by the Goyim Defense League, a small group with a video channel,

I never heard of them. It appears that they do not advocate anything violent or illegal. They just put out info, some of which could be described as conspiracy theories.

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