Saturday, March 05, 2022

How New Jersey Forces Homosexual Views on Kids

To be a foster or adoptive parent in New Jersey, you apparently have to repudiate your religious beliefs about homosexuality. And you and the kids may have to attend psychotherapy to make sure you have properly repented.

From a recent court decision:

But three weeks after informing the Lasches that they might be able to adopt the children, Higgins told the Lasches that a couple in Illinois was interested in adopting all five siblings. The Lasches inquired about the prospective adoptive family, and both Higgins and her supervisor, Epperly, stated that they did not know the answers to those questions. Later, in discussing the putative adoption with the foster parents for the other siblings, the Lasches learned that the Illinois couple was "two wealthy gay men with lots of family around to support them and the adoption."

A few days later, Higgins came to the Lasches' home and questioned Foster Child 1 about whether she would change her religious beliefs about homosexual conduct — which she held before meeting the Lasches — if she were placed with another family. About four months later, for reasons that remain confidential, the Lasches and DCPP agreed that Foster Child 2 should be removed from the Lasches' home. ...

The hearing on June 4, 2018, was eventful. The Illinois couple no longer had an interest in adopting any of the five siblings. And the judge indicated that the children needed psychiatric evaluations moving forward.

After that hearing, inquiries about the Lasches' religious beliefs intensified. Later that month, Foster Child 1 came home from a therapy session visibly upset because the therapist repeatedly brought up religion and told her not to feel pressured to follow the Lasches' religious beliefs. When Jennifer Lasche confronted the therapist, the therapist relayed that she and Higgins had previously discussed the Lasches' "ideas about same-sex couples."

As far as I can see, the only actual homosexuals involved were the Illinois couple that dropped out.

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