Friday, March 04, 2022

Germany Won World War II

Orthodox Jewish law professor Alan Dershowitz rants about the Ukrainian WWII Nazi collaborators, and adds:
The vast vast vast majority of Germans got away with mass mass murder ...

Germany won the war. They accomplished Hitler's goal. Posthumously, to be sure.

Hitler said kill the Jews and we will be richer and more powerful. And they killed the Jews and were richer and more powerful.

Look, the world has to balance.

There were people who took a different view. Morgenthau, the secretary of the Treasury. He said at the end of the Second World War that Germany, for the next 50 years, ought to be relegated to being an agrarian country. ... People should have to live and eat on their own farms. ... German people ... should suffer for 50 years. ...

Germany quickly became the most wealthy and most powerful country in Europe.

So he does not favor punishing Ukraine today for what happened in the 1940s, as opposing Russia is the greater good.

I have never heard this WWII opinion expressed before.

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