Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Unscientific Opposition to Florida Law

SciAm reports: -
On Monday, it became illegal to talk about gender identity or sexual orientation in hundreds of classrooms throughout the state of Florida. This law is one of historic numbers of proposed laws and measures targeting trans youth in Texas, Arizona, Alabama, and more than one dozen other U.S. states. Tens of thousands of transgender children and teenagers currently live in states where lawmakers seek to exclude them from playing sports, eliminate mention of people like them in schools, or criminalize transgender-affirming medical care, and the introduction of these measures come despite growing social approval of transgender Americans.
Almost every sentence in this story is a lie. The law goes into effect July 1, not Monday. Those classrooms are Third Grade and younger. The law targets schools, not trans youth. No one is excluded from playing sports.

I am not sure there is growing social approval. I did not have much opinion about transgenders several years ago, but the more I learn, the more I disapprove of what they are doing.

In Idaho, where lawmakers debated a law making it a felony to provide trans-affirmative medical care, a trans teenager testified that the idea of going through puberty made her contemplate suicide.
So lawmakers are supposed to be held hostage by a mentally ill 13-year-old who threatens suicide? This is madness.

Being a scientific magazine, I would expect it to cite some scientific evidence to support its views. This is none. Pandering to children threatening suicide just leads to more suicides.

THe opposition to this Florida law is startling. The argument boil down to this: The LGBTQ lobby wants the schools to recruit LGBTQ students without the parents knowledge or approval. It is sick.

Here is Disney trying to LGBTQ propaganda to children. Keep your kids away from Disney products.

Update: Here is Disney's latest apology:

Disney said Friday it “regret[s]” a high school drill team performance at Walt Disney World this week ...

Disney’s hosting of the Indianettes comes as it moves to be more inclusive in its theme parks and rid them of racist depictions, including of Indigenous people. ...

The outrage over Disney’s hosting of the Indianettes comes as the company is dealing with a controversy over its response to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, referred to by critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Disney faced widespread outrage—including from its own employees—over its initial refusal to denounce the legislation, which has been critcized as discriminatory against the LGBTQ community, leading CEO Bob Chapek to ultimately issue an apology. The controversy has still continued, however, with employees walking out earlier this week in protest of the company’s handling of the issue.

Now that Disney has apologized for not opposing a law protecting kindergarteners from sexual abuse, it will have to do a lot of apologizing.

All this controversy brings attention to the arguments for an against transgenderism and other LGBTQ recruitment. It is remarkable how weak the arguments in favor are.

Update: Here is a suggestion:

The question for today is why Disney can’t act directly, rather than trying to overturn the law passed by the Florida Legislature? Disney has announced an official corporate policy in favor of sexual orientation and gender identity instruction for K-3 children. Millions of K-3-age children visit Disney World every year. Many of them are from Florida and thus, due to this new law, are at risk of being denied “classroom instruction related to sexual orientation and gender identity”. Why can’t Disney step in to fill the gap? ...

A separate idea: Because Americans don’t have to work anymore, every Disney World ride requires waiting in line for 1-3 hours, even on weekdays. K-3-targeted sexual orientation and gender identity instruction could be provided to those waiting in line, a literal captive audience.

That may be coming. Disney is already putting propaganda in its movies.

Update: Ben Shapiro explains the Disney rot. He has the proof that the Disney executives fully intend to sexually corrupt children.

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