Thursday, March 24, 2022

Covid Hawks Are Also Russia Hawks

New poll:
Of those who have received three or more doses of a Covid vaccine, 59 percent support a NATO no-fly zone in Ukraine. Of those who have refused the vaccine, support plummets to 18 percent.
Often these issues can be predicted by right-left politics. But not this so much.

There is both right and left wing opposition to the Ukraine war, and to covid vaccines. The better question is -- do you accept the New World Order or not?

It takes a certain mentality to believe these authorities who are always lying to you.

Here is someone who used to depend on NPR Radio:

But it wasn’t just that story. Overnight, the network’s entire orientation had changed. Every segment was about race, and when it wasn’t about race, it was about gender. The stories were no longer reports but morality plays, with predictable bad guys and good guys. Scepticism was banished. Divergent opinions were banished. The pronouncements of activists, the arguments of ideologically motivated academics, were accepted without question. The tone became smug, certain, self-righteous. To turn on the network was to be subjected to a program of ideological force-feeding. I was used to the idiocies of the academic Left — I had been dealing with them ever since I started graduate school — but now they were leaking out of my radio.

Nor was it only NPR. One by one, the outlets that I counted on for reliable reporting and intelligent opinion — that I, in some measure, identified with — fell in line. The New York Times, which was already in an advanced state of decay, surrendered completely. Ditto The New Yorker. The Atlantic was drifting in the same direction. Inroads appeared in The New York Review of Books. Satirists whom I admired for their alert sense of irony, their ability to recognise the absurdity at all points of the political spectrum  — Stephen Colbert, John Oliver — got the new religion, and started preaching sermons. 

All of these outlets now have the same views on covid, masks, vaccines, Trump, George Floyd, transgender swimmers, and killing Russians. Spooky.

It is especially strange to hear all the woke stuff on NPR Radio. NPR is the closest thing to a White Supremacist mass media outlet we have. It is produced by Whites for Whites. There are hardly any non-whites who listen to NPR.

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