Monday, August 23, 2021

Locked Up for Watching Conservative News

Here is proof that the Jan. 6 protesters are being over-prosecuted.

Mediaite reports:

Douglas Jensen stands accused of leading a mob that chased and hectored Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman inside in the Capitol on January 6. Jensen was wearing a Q-Anon shirt and had a knife in his pocket at the time.

In July, a federal judge granted Jensen pretrial release over the government’s objection. That judge imposed certain conditions on Jensen, one of which was that he could not use devices with access to the internet.

But according to a prosecutors’ filing that was flagged by Buzzfeed on Thursday night, Jensen violated that condition a month after his release.

“A mere thirty days after his release from the D.C. Jail,” said the filing, “defendant Douglas Jensen was found alone, in his garage, using a WiFi-connected iPhone to stream news from Rumble.” As the document notes, Rumble is an alternative to YouTube that is popular among some conservatives.

That filing is unAmerican.

It says "Jensen is already subject to the highest degree of supervision", because his wife had been sworn to spy on him. And yet he secretly got some internet news on an iphone anyway.

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