Monday, August 16, 2021

Texas makes it a Felony to Pay for Sex

I previously posted:
I am convinced that legal trends will result in legalized prostitution.
Texas is bucking the trend:
On Sept. 1, Texas will become the first state in the country where paying for sex will be a felony offense. The new law, HB1540, was passed unanimously and signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in June.

Proponents say the law is designed to crack down on so-called "johns" who pay for sex. Additionally, they say it shifts punitive blame away from those engaged in prostitution, many of whom are often victims of trafficking. ...

Those involved in human trafficking support the new law.

They mean that those opposing human trafficking support the new law.

If you believe that consensual sexual activity should be regulated by the state, in the form of marriage and related laws, then prohibiting prostitution makes sense. If you believe in migrating toward a matriarchal society, then you might want to punish the male customers, instead of the female vendors.oo

This is like harshly punishing drug addicts, and not illegal drug dealers.

We live in a world that increasingly blames men for consensual sexual behavior. NY Gov. Cuomo had to resign for flirtation that no one had complained about at the time. Harvey Weinstein is in prison for a consensual sexual affair. Bill Cosby just got out of prison for it.

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