Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Illinois Judges Invent New Transgender Rights

Reason magazine reports:
Hobby Lobby's refusal to let a transgender female employee use the women's bathroom violates Illinois anti-discrimination law, a state appeals court ruled. The case revolves around Meggan Sommerville, a trans woman who has worked at Hobby Lobby stores since 1998 and has been fighting over its bathroom policy since 2010.

Last week, the 2nd District Appellate Court of Illinois held that Hobby Lobby's refusal to let Sommerville use the women's bathroom violated the Illinois Human Rights Act—upholding an earlier decision by the Illinois Human Rights Commission and the Commission's award of $220t000 in emotional distress damages.

Hobby Lobby made a unisex bathroom just for him/her, but that was not good enough, as he/she had nightmares about using the bathroom.

The legal reasoning is absurd. It refused to use the dictionary definition of sex because the Illinois human rights act defines it as "the status of being male or female.". Okay, but the tranny was born male and is still male under that definition. Hobby Lobby bent over backwards to accommodate the employee, but that was all just used against it.

This is the crazy world we have today.

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