Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Private School Accreditation Racket

Every wonder why elite private schools have become race-baiting leftists? The Washington Free Beacon has discovered an explanation:
Why Private Schools Have Gone Woke

Meet the National Association of Independent Schools, which enforces diversity, equity, and inclusion standards as a requirement for accreditation

The NY Times explains:
Several years back Grace Church School, an elite private school in Manhattan, embraced an antiracist mission and sought to have students and teachers wrestle with whiteness, racial privilege and bias.

Teachers and students were periodically separated into groups by race, gender and ethnicity. In February 2021, Paul Rossi, a math teacher, and what the school called his “white-identifying” group, met with a white consultant, who displayed a slide that named supposed characteristics of white supremacy. These included individualism, worship of the written word and objectivity.

Mr. Rossi said he felt a twist in his stomach. “Objectivity?” he told the consultant, according to a transcript. “Human attributes are being reduced to racial traits.

As you look at this list, the consultant asked, are you having “white feelings”?

“What,” Mr. Rossi asked, “makes a feeling ‘white’?”

Some of the high school students then echoed his objections. “I’m so exhausted with being reduced to my race,” a girl said. “The first step of antiracism is to racialize every single dimension of my identity.” Another girl added: “Fighting indoctrination with indoctrination can be dangerous.”

Yes, human attributes are being reduced to racial traits.

t There is a big overlap in the messages of the antiracists and the White supremacists. Individualism and objectivity are White concepts, and it is unreasonable to expect non-whites to appreciate them.

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