Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Save the Whites by interbreeding with Mexicans

The NY Times has another essay on White Genocide:
In 2015, the Census Bureau published a report projecting that by 2044, the United States’ white majority would become merely a white plurality: immigration and fertility trends would lead to America’s ethnic and racial minorities outnumbering its white population.

Since then, for a certain subset of Americans, each annual release by the bureau — neutral, nonpartisan researchers who produce deliberately staid reports — has become a sort of countdown to the white apocalypse. Worse, we now talk about cross-racial fertility rates Darwinistically, as if the census were monitoring a population of elephant seals in competition for a rookery.

The Census says Whites are already a minority of the under-18 population, so it is just a matter of time to become a minority in the other age ranges.
Our history shows that America’s demographic boundaries evolve with the country’s composition. No group goes extinct or disappears; it just gets absorbed into new ways that people define community and feel belonging.

... There was a gradual realization that the Anglo-Protestant orientation of whiteness was unlikely to sustain a dominant majority indefinitely.

So regular Anglo-Protestant Whites may go extinct, but he reassures us that they will be replaced by other groups calling themselves White.
It is possible that we are now in the process of similarly altering our conception of whiteness again. Many Hispanics identify as white, and marriages between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites make up more than 40 percent of recent interracial marriages. That may be enough to artificially postpone America’s majority minority milestone again and reassure the millions of “white” Americans who feel threatened by the increasing status and power of today’s ethnic minorities.
Feel batter now? We could flood the country will millions of Mexicans who interbreed with Americans and teach their kids to call themselves White. Then Whites won't be wiped out after all!
In counting the American people, the Census Bureau may distinguish between Black, white, Asian and Hispanic, but it indiscriminately recognizes them all as fellow Americans — as people who count and therefore must be counted.
Note how this article capitalizes all those groups, plus Jews, Irish, and Italians, but Whites do not deserve a distinctive identity, and do not even deserve a capital letter.

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