Friday, May 21, 2021

How Oregon Creates Racial Animosity

Ever wonder why Portland Oregon has so much Black-White animosity, when it is mainly populated by White liberals and there aren't even very many Blacks living there?

Apparently Jewish groups there make of big effort to raise awareness:

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – On Monday groups unveiled a billboard campaign to raise awareness about gun violence in Portland, with a focus on the Black community.

Founder of nonprofit The No Hate Zone, Sam Sachs helped organize the effort with several other leaders in the community.

This is based on some Jewish belief, according to a 2015 article in a Jewish Weekly:
Sam Sachs, 46, calls his volunteer efforts on behalf of minority rights tikkun olam, healing the world. He’s been called an advocate, activist and even an agitator.

When he sued the Oregon Public Safety Academy in 1996 for anti-Semitic comments during his training there as a corrections officer, it launched a state task force investigation. ...

Racial tensions between police and minorities have soared recently in the wake of grand jury decisions not to indict police officers who killed an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, MO, and an asthmatic black man in New York, who was put in a chokehold. In the wake of Ferguson, Sam’s says his immediate reaction was, “We still have work to do, and we’ve made progress.” ...

He says his father, Eral Sachs, z”l, would take his children to Corvallis, where Sam attended religious school at Beit Am for a time. The family celebrated most holidays in Portland with his grandparents, Ralph and Florence Sachs, at Congregation Shaarie Torah. When he was 11, Sam says he started to wear a Star of David necklace visible outside his shirt. That first star is now buried with his grandmother in the Shaarie Torah cemetery, but Sam has replaced it with a second Star of David that he still wears. ...

When Sam’s parents divorced, his father felt that raising 7-year-old Sam and his older brother, Hiram, and sister, Rachel, was all he could handle. He felt toddler Eli would be better off with a family who had more time for him. So Eral put Eli up for adoption on the condition that he keep his first name and be adopted by a Jewish family.

So it is pretty clear that he is pursuing a Jewish religious belief.

Note: This is not intended to imply anything about the current conflict in Israel. I am leaving that to the people who live there.

PBS TV also tries to create racial animosity with a story about How colorism haunts dark-skinned immigrant communities. It tells us that Somalis in Minnesota consider the lighter-skinner Somalis to be more beautiful that darker-skinned Somalis. Not just in Minnesota, but in Somalia and "in almost every corner of the planet".

If this is really universal, then you might think that it is based on objective standards or innate human preference. But no, PBS tells us that sociologists have traced it to European colonization, slavery, class, and caste. In other words, it is all the fault of Whites that some Minnesota Somalis are prejudiced against other Minnesota Somalis. Those people could have stayed in a non-white country, if they really think that White influence is so bad.

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