Friday, May 14, 2021

Feminist attacks Mother on Mothers Day

I would think that it would be safe for a young mother to praise motherhood on Mother's Day, but no, that triggers feminists somehow.

Mediaite reports:

NY Times Columnist Writes About Motherhood For Mother’s Day and Twitter Melts Down

New York Times columnist Elizabeth Bruenig wrote last week about her experience becoming a mother at the age of 25. Shortly after the article was published, and well into Monday morning, the reaction on Twitter was fierce, as were defenses of the column.

If it seems strange that an essay on motherhood would require fierce defending, it’s possible you haven’t spent much time on Twitter.

The biggest swarm of negative reactions were from a feminist standpoint, treating the column as an affront, and consisting in the main of unverified accounts with few followers to many tens of thousands. But the debacle really blew up when Salon’s Amanda Marcotte and feminist author Jude Ellison Sady Doyle weighed in.

Marcotte tweeted:
Unsurprising that Elizabeth Bruenig was dishonest about the feminist position on the child tax credit, which is actually near-universal support. She's also pulling a Phyllis Schlafly, sneering at the idea of women working, while being a woman working.
I cannot find where Bruenig was dishonest about anything, or where she sneered at working women. She writes about her job worries in the above essay, so she is describing herself as a working woman and mom.

The reference to Phyllis Schlafly is bizarre. She never sneered at the idea of women working. She was a stay-at-home mom, who did not work for money outside the home. Not after having kids, anyway. She would have said that moms do work at being moms and housewives, and disagreed with those like Marcotte who try to imply that motherhood is not work.

Googling Marcotte, I find a lot of strange personal attacks on other people. According to Wikipedia, she is married with no kids of her own.

I post this as an example of crazy feminist thinking.

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