Monday, May 31, 2021

Facebook users are being silenced

Facebook has turned overtly partisan. It has banned Donald Trump, even tho he got 74 million votes, and its own supreme court ruled that it violated all its own rules in doing so.

NBC News reports:

Facebook is grappling with a reputation crisis in the Middle East, with plummeting approval rates and advertising sales in Arab countries, according to leaked documents obtained by NBC News.

The shift corresponds with the widespread belief by pro-Palestinian and free speech activists that the social media company has been disproportionately silencing Palestinian voices on its apps – which include Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – during this month’s Israel-Hamas conflict. ...

The low approval ratings have been compounded by a campaign by pro-Palestinian and free speech activists to target Facebook with 1-star reviews on the Apple and Google app stores. The campaign tanked Facebook’s average rating from above 4 out of 5 stars on both app stores to 2.2 on the App Store and 2.3 on Google Play as of Wednesday. According to leaked internal posts, the issue has been categorized internally as a “severity 1” problem for Facebook, which is the second highest priority issue after a “severity 0” incident, which is reserved for when the website is down.

“Users are feeling that they are being censored, getting limited distribution, and ultimately silenced,” one senior software engineer said in a post on Facebook’s internal message board. “As a result, our users have started protesting by leaving 1 star reviews.”

Why haven't Trump voters done this?

Maybe the Palestinian Arabs are more motivated, as they are being bombed and killed, and they may blame their suffering on distorted reports in the news media, including Facebook.

I don't know what Facebook did to the Palestinian Arabs, but it deserves this treatment. If it is going to take sides in political disputes, as it now does, then it deserves the 1-star reviews.

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